5 Easy Styling Tips For Your Bathroom

5 Easy Styling Tips For Your Bathroom
May 23, 2017 admin

When it comes to choosing bathroom vanities, it’s a good idea to opt for something timeless and elegant in a neutral colour. One of the great things about classic bathroom vanities is that you can easily give a whole new look to your bathroom with some simply styling. Today, we’ll be looking at easy ways you can transform your bathroom without breaking the bank.


1. Use splashes of colour

If you’ve opted for a neutral colour scheme with your vanities, tiles and other accessories, it’s easy enough to inject some colour into the space. Play around with different coloured towels and bathmats to give a different feel to the room or put some colourful prints on the wall. If you’ve got interesting items around the house, like vases or bowls, bring these in to add a pop of colour.

2. Opt for some greenery

Bringing greenery inside is a big trend right now and the bathroom is the perfect place for plants as it softens the look of the room. Look for hardy plants that do well being inside, like fiddle leaf figs, and choose a statement pot to add to the look. You could also go for something smaller with potted up succulents – they work beautifully in mason jars or old teacups if you fancy a quick DIY project.

3. Add some luxury items

It’s a lovely touch to place some luxury items around your bathroom so it’s an oasis where you can really indulge. Splurge on a few luxury items like delicious scented candles, fragrant hand soap or indulgent body lotion and put them on display in the bathroom. These aren’t just for aesthetic value – make sure you use them so they don’t gather dust.

4. Go for the layered look

One of the easiest ways to style your bathroom is to add some layers. Stacked towels at the end of the bath or on a wooden stand is an easy way to bring the layered look into the room. You could also get creative by layering bathroom products or small vases on a wooden soap dish or small tray. Have a play around and you’d be surprised at what you come up with.

5.Try different textures

Break up your bathroom by adding in something different with various textures. This could be a wicker basket to store towels, a wooden stand for accessories or a super fluffy bathmat. Bathrooms can be relatively stark without the right accessories and the addition of textural items gives a personal touch and makes the bathroom feel like a retreat.

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