How To Take Care Of Your New Kitchen Cabinets

How To Take Care Of Your New Kitchen Cabinets
September 7, 2017 admin

It’s amazing the transformation that can take place with something as simple as replacing your kitchen cabinets. Suddenly, your once dated kitchen now looks fresh, sleek and modern. But how can you ensure that your cabinets stay in optimal condition for as long possible? Today, we offer you our top tips for keeping your kitchen cabinets looking like new.

Wipe down after installation

As soon as your new kitchen cabinets have been installed, make sure you wipe them down inside and out and then dry them thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. This ensures that your cabinets are completely free of any debris which may have been left behind following installation.

Line your drawers

To avoid damage inside kitchen drawers, you can line the inside of your drawers with material such as rubber, felt or cork. Lining drawers is particularly useful when there are loose items such as kitchen utensils which roll around. Avoid adhesive lining – this is very difficult to remove and leaves a sticky residue.

Regular cleaning

It doesn’t take much to keep your kitchen cabinets looking their best. Every week or two, wipe them down with warm water and take care to dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth so all moisture is removed. If you’re finding that just water isn’t cutting it, a mild blend of vinegar and water or soapy water can also be effective cleaning alternatives for your cabinets.

Avoid harsh products

It can be tempting to pull out your super heavy-duty cleaner to get your cabinets clean but a gentle approach is far more effective. Avoid harsh cleaning products, such as bleach and ammonia, and avoid any product that is abrasive. Don’t use harsh scouring pads or scrubbing brushes – soft clothes will be the most effective. With harsh products, you risk causing scratches or damaging the finish of your cabinets.

Clean spills up immediately

If your cabinets are on the receiving ends of food spills – which is very likely being located in the kitchen – the best thing to do is wipe it up straight away. Leaving spills too long, even if it’s just water, can result in damage so give your cabinets a wipe before any stains set.

Avoid water damage

Even if you choose moisture resistance material for your new cabinets, which is highly recommended in the kitchen, you should take care to avoid water damage as this can be detrimental to the cabinet’s finish. Avoid draping wet tea towels or cloths over cabinet doors and address any leaks inside your cabinets as soon as possible so it doesn’t cause too much damage.

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