The Quick Guide to DIY Kitchen Cabinets

The Quick Guide to DIY Kitchen Cabinets
April 20, 2017 admin

When it comes to household renovations, the kitchen tends to be at the top of the list as the area we most want to makeover. However, the price of brand new kitchen cabinets can be very restrictive to most budgets which is why more and more people are looking to DIY options. If you’re sick of your sad looking kitchen cabinets but don’t want to blow your budget, we’ve put together a DIY guide for Perth renovators.

Shop around for the best option

If you’ve decided to go for a DIY option with your kitchen cabinets, take your time in looking around at different showrooms to see which cabinets would suit your needs. Don’t rely on pictures – you really need to see the cabinets assembled in real life to get an idea of the quality and style. Ask questions around the materials and any guarantees on workmanship.

Measure and measure again

When you’re doing the preparation work yourself, make sure you get your measurements right before you order your products – the last thing you want is to come home with your new cabinets only to find that they don’t fit! Measure several times to ensure you’re confident that everything will fit where it should. You can also ask your supplier advice around the best way to measure your old kitchen.

Prepare for the new cabinets

When going for a traditional kitchen renovation, the labour involved is a large part of the costs which is why putting in the hard work with your DIY makeover can save you money. Once you’ve organised your cabinets, you can start the process of stripping your old cabinets to prepare for the new arrivals and the more labour you can do yourself, the more money you save.

If your kitchen redesign means that your plumbing and electrics need to be moved around, remember to coordinate this ahead of time. Get some quotes and confirm at which stage in the process your plumber and/or electrician need to get involved. If you’re stripping your kitchen, don’t touch the plumbing and electrical works – leave that to the experts.

Self-installation vs hiring help

Once your new kitchen cabinets have arrived, you can either install them yourself or call out a tradesman to do it for you. To help you make the decision, speak to the company that you’re purchasing the products from to see how easy your cabinets will be to install. If you’re just not confident with the installation process, you can hire someone to help you. Even with the extra cost of hiring a tradesman to assist, you’ll still be saving money.

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